Word on the Street /La Voz de les Jóvenes focuses on the leadership and creativity of teens of color through the production of bilingual mixed media art depicting youth culture. We are looking for young people who are passionate about their community so they can share their perspectives through art and self-expression. In the process, you will develop as leaders, show your own creativity, and work to break down barriers in people’s lives.

About our program

  • This is a paid program for youth of color.
  • Squad members will participate in a summer retreat (an overnight trip) and the intensive summer institute.
  • During the school semester, Squad meetings are held Tuesday through Friday and Squad members must attend 1 meeting per week to be part of the program, and the third Saturday of each month.
  • Squad members are paid based on the number of meetings they attend and their level of participation in those meetings.
  • The Squad spends time together where we socialize, eat, work on different art projects, and explore different fun activities outside of our meetings.
  • We use a mobile application (App) called Workplace to communicate about upcoming events and meetings, and we hope that everyone is responsible for their own attendance.

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Upload anything you would like us to consider. Uploading is optional! <3 Here are some example question you can use as a guide: What inspires you to be a part of Word on the Street ? How would you use your skills to inspire change in your community? What is a change you would like to see in your community? Your response can be in writing, a piece of artwork, photography, video, etc. Let us know what interests you about working with this group!
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