The Sculpted


Painting by Sharissa

This one is my interpretation of what being a celebrity is like…



This one is my interpretation of what being a celebrity is like. The person in front of all these colors, once their face is put together almost like a puzzle piece and around them, are these birds, each with two of the colors in the person’s face but they all have a red splash of paint where their eyes should be. This is because of the colors; each represents something amazing like a talent or a well-like personality trait, and the birds represent the fans. They are blind to see how the person in front of them is truly that and is not just a sculpted being of perfection. The person has all the colors to show that they have pieced all these traits and talents together so they can be considered perfect. The person’s body is a splash of red, yellow, and orange to represent three main emotions: anger, passion, and happiness. I chose these emotions because two of these are widely expected for a celebrity, but the third is hidden and shamed when shown, and I think showing how they all are a part of a person no matter what they do for a living makes the piece a little more complete.


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