A Bee’s Goal

This piece is about community and the goal that it works towards and reaches. The important thing about this piece is that community can do anything – as long as everyone helps out a little.

This work to me means that having a community is very important and can take you far. I was inspired by my artist mentor Cleaster Cotton to make this work; she gave an art prompt to our class which was the word “community.” A lot of different things inspire me to make art, from Pinterest to real life situations like a fish swimming in a pond. Art makes me feel free as if there are no limits to anything. When I make art I feel determined to finish the piece. Art is just a side hobby to me that I use to express myself and release stress.

To create this work I used glue, acrylic paint, and tar paper. I layered these different materials on top of each other to create texture and add color.

Artist: Oshun

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