Black Lives Matter

The purpose of my “Black Lives Matter” piece was to explain that I completely support this movement, considering that I am a young black woman. The picture is meant to show that we as black women (or African Americans as a whole) are deeper and have more to show compared to what we are portrayed as. Her hairstyle is partially a poofy afro while the other half shows that we are more than that! We come from our African ancestors, they fought for what we have today.

This piece was created with oil pastel and glitter. I chose to contribute glitter to my piece to reflect on a part of me personally disregarding the fact of my race. I am a very girly person. The sparkly, bright, and gold glitter is also the way that I decided to explain royalty. We as black women and black people in general were created for a very special purpose and I have faith in that. The glitter represents that we are royalty, and we are special. African Americans are strong and bright people, we are just underestimated. The glitter to me shows that we will conquer all and continue to shine through even with rough times.

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