Children Working

When I came to El Salvador, I noticed a child walking in the middle of stopped traffic asking the people in the cars if they wanted their windshields cleaned. I thought he was alone, but his dad was on the side of the road watching him. He had crutches and could barely walk. Most children have to stop going to school so that they can help their parents pay the bills. I’ve seen many children working and risking their lives just to earn a few cents each day. Children will work in anything that will earn them a couple of cents. Some clean windshields in the middle of the roads, others work selling fruit outside of water parks or restaurants. Some even work in gas stations filling up car tanks. While others go around different neighborhoods selling vegetables and fruits. I believe that education in this country should be forced and not just an option. I think that this country doesn’t grow into something better because we get used to living in poverty, but we shouldn’t. We should encourage children to go to school so that they can have a better future. Children are the people who can change El Salvador and make it a better to country for everybody, not just the people who are rich.

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