A Series Of Harrowing Phenomenons

A butterfly flaps its wings,
and you happen Mild breeze in California into whirling winds at sea Now there’s a tornado in Maine and it’s your fault Drilling holes into my pores,
uprooting trauma The hoover dam is cracking,
good thing too I’m parched
Dry, chipped and dusty
You left me like a wounded dog in the street une chienne qui croque a t’ais cheville C’est tous que j’suis pour toi. Mes dent jaunies dans t’ais talon I’ve poisoned you.
Et tu décide tu m’aime pas
You make me A mouse in a python’s cage Trapped in the Lambert glacier Force feeding me maggots
You make me a child in the eye of the beholder
You are the toy maker Threading fishing wire through my wrists
And the teeth marks in my ankles.
The larvae have grown into termites Hollowing me out so you can stuff me with polyester
and migraines
My throat is full of sand and my eyes have been glazed with wood varnish.
The temple is falling,
gold to black,
sugar into salt,
pulsing to still.
Learning to move my joints,
I’ve hired an exterminator
And restored the Hoover Dam

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