All in my head
Anxiety is the worst thing someone can
ever have.
I worry, and fear, and think
So much so
That the migraines kick in and that
600mg pill of ibuprofen just isn’t
working anymore
Everyone has some form of anxiety.
You see, I have no normal amount. I have Severe Anxiety. Now it’s mostly Social so don’t worry..
But I will
And you see,
I don’t take any medication for it.
I was only diagnosed last year
so if I’ve lived this long without it, I can
go on for longer
Now that was my choice but right now…
Right now I feel like I should.
It’s 6:15am on a Sunday
And I’m wide awake.
Because of my anxiety
I go to sleep around 2 or 3
12 if I’m lucky
Depending on what I have planned the
next day
I’ll have an early morning or late afternoon wake up.
I’ve done this for 18 years now
and it’s bad.
So bad that it’s in my dreams now.
It’s so bad that I had just snap awake
from a dream where my worst fear
comes true.
I worry and worry and fear, but keep it
to myself and because of that my brother and sister are safe
But my grandma and youngest sister
are dead and I’m on the phone listening to their last breath.
Anxiety induced Nightmares…
Maybe I needed to cry that night.
The worst part is?
I’ll probably never be taken seriously
when it comes to my fear.
Because everyone.
You, me, my family, friends, all know. It’s just All in my head.

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