Becoming We

What does it take to become we?
To become we is to be united with one another, you have to forget hate, you have to understand the fact that there’s a system against all of us not just a single person. And see life in a shade of positivity, even though life isn’t always positive. It’s a constant climb uphill in our schools, our justice system and especially in the communities of color. But if we stick together, and become we then we can over power any barriers, set in place to make us fail. Why can’t we just climb to the top by ourselves? We live in a country in which higher powers press down on people of color in a variety of ways. We have to stand together because they have a system far older than anyone else in here, a system that never fails because its been remodeled over and over to affect us and how we live our lives. Becoming we is important, because if individually you cannot become successful then you must become we, then we can stand against injustice and overcome the struggles put ahead of us, and this way we all could live our lives more happily.

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