Green and Red

By Awesome CC


Green is my mother cause she
keeps me alive day in and day out
but that’s all about to change cause I’ve stripped her of her
trees and oxygen calling her
nothing but scam
Making her time run out faster but before I simple just let her
Let me cause her pain, let her
watch as I kill all her creatures and tear down her greatest
because they’re not good enough
for me to be happy so help me pollute my mother
better yet let’s help her die fast
only to realize
I’m only trying to kill myself because without her
It’s a bye-bye world, but I don’t care, right?
Maybe I do, we should all look in the mirror and change


They say read is the color of love that binds us all together
but what they fail to mention
is it’s also the color of
Something that we take for
That we could lose in a matter
of seconds
But here is this little boy
that’s been shot with blood
coming out of him, yet his heart
and his love is refusing to let him die…
His red is the only thing protecting him
Umm it’s funny how something
that’s supposed to give us life
can also take it away.

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