By Nevel Swain

Hair, legs, feet,
feeling , we have
them right? But yet I get
treated like the mud underneath
your shoe. Nothing.

Made fun of ‘cause of my clothes,
my pants, but Ma always told
me to love y’all

Brothers look up to me
I’m all they got.
Growing up without a father
brothers looking up to me like I
used to, 6’4, 17 year-old black
male, that’s my brother.
I was just a 6 year-old copycat.
Took his clothes, socks, tryna
be just like him.
3 years later they took him from me,
shot 1 time in his stomach
by his own friend, and one thing
he told me is to trust nobody.

Disgusted looks, hatred and
feeling I can’t make it
But I push, and push.
I won’t stop ‘til I’m there.

Some day, I’ll make it and
I’ll teach my young ones to love,
and love everyone,
Black, Whites, Hispanics, young, old,
rich, poor, we’ll love.

We can’t help where we came from, how we
talk or look, but we can help be
a better human.

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