My Childhood Poem

Bless me for holding on to my dreams and never letting them go
Bless me for remembering singing through the whole house and getting lost in the music
Bless the tall,white,and blue house I spent most of my life
Remembering the time I fell in love with a boy band only at the age of 5
Bless the days of when I used to ride down a beautiful green hill in my huge red wagon
Bless me and my little sister for which we used to go to school together
Racing to school in my 1st ever school outfit
Bless my 3yr old self and all of the days I spent outside in the warmth of the sun
Riding in the backseat of my grandpas bright red truck
Being lost in the spiritual waves of the soothing music
Bless me for wanting what I know I couldn’t have
Bless my 1st baby alive doll and all the hair that went missing because I cut it all off
The days I would sit on my bed and chill with my 1st pair of headphones on
Bless my bad attitude and loneliness
My childhood poem

Growing up my bad attitude and loneliness faded away
Till this day my shy,introverted 13yr old self still chills on my bed with a pair of headphones on
I’ve had my baby alive doll for over 7 yrs and all the hair is still cut all off
I still want what I can’t have but now I know that i can’t have everything that I want
I’m always somehow getting lost in music any kind of music
My grandpa no longer has his bright red truck
I don’t go outside anymore like I used to
My bright red wagon is long gone
The boy band is called one direction and i’m still in love with them
Other people live in the tall,white and blue house
I still remember being so happy to go to school for the first time
My younger sister and I no longer go to school together
But I will always have a special place in my heart for all of these beautiful memories

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