Recurring Storms

Dana’s feet drag on the ground
Her worn sneakers take steps without her
Her confidence in fists
She walks up the stairs
To the dreary house
The white picket fence
He painted dark
The grown out lawn
The white carnations all are gone
Washed away by storms
The neighbors can’t recall
They can’t recall
Because he tells her not to scream
tells her not to make a fuss
To make it seem
Like they’re still happy
Like they were so many years ago
When he used to mow the lawn
When she’d plant flowers
When their son was born
Their in love
She knows they’re still in love
The ups and downs knows they’re normal
This down is just a little longer
A little deeper Harder hitting
Bruising Bruising Dana has a lot of makeup
It’s ok She has a lot of makeup
So off to work
She leaves before he wakes
Kisses her son goodbye
He’s grown to be so shy
So quiet Like her
So she gets home
Her confidence in fists
She walks up the stairs
With her hand on her neck
Where its tender
And dark
From his last brutal hit
Dana opens the door
And there In the hall
Her baby plays
A baseball sized bruise
On the side of his face
When will it end?

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