Where I’m From A Community Poem

By Cierra, Sharissa, Niobe, Samiya, Kaliyah, Sade, Serenity
Where i’m from… the smell of my grandmother’s fried chicken fills the air .
Where I’m from…I see the mountains and I feel the cold air.
Where i’m from… the heat from the heat from the summer day burns my skin.
Where i’m from… I see bricks and trampolines.
Where i’m from… I see apartments being built and homeless men & women walking the streets.
Where i’m from… the laughter of my brother was like music to my ears.
Where i’m from… people can’t sleep to the sound of gunshots.
Where i’m from… you can see the bullet race through my legs & straight to my brother’s chest.
Where i’m from… I see people falling before my eyes.

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